Protected: Baptiste Yoga Brings New Benefits To Atlanta

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Rise Stretch and Shine

I am not a morning person. By any definition. My body and mind are both hard wired to come alive once the sun sets regardless of how exhausted I may be. (I'm often told that that means I have a high I.Q) I cringe at the thought of having to do anything before 11 a.m. … Continue reading Rise Stretch and Shine

Tree Pose

Balance. Why is the idea such a difficult concept to come by? I’ve searched mentally, for many long and arduous years, for the possible answer to that question to no avail. Evaluating my actions, my thoughts, my physical being. Yet, none really offered an explanation or some inkling as to why I struggle so hard … Continue reading Tree Pose


Back in 2009, when I was studying for an undergraduate degree in Biology at Barry University in Miami, I enrolled myself into a yoga class that the school offered in exchange for credit that counted toward graduation requirements. It was my first encounter with yoga; spanning the entire semester, the course opened my eyes to … Continue reading Headstand


“Set your Drishti.” This is a peculiar phrase that I have often heard repeated during my more “organized” experiences with yoga. The first few times –when I wasn’t as familiar with the jargon—it often left me puzzled (which isn’t as hard of a thing to do to me sometimes). I, being the writer that I … Continue reading Focus